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As we all know, the printer industry customers have a variety of printing needs, even the industry's business also has ever-changing the fine print requirements. So, what kind of printing methods to satisfy such complex enterprise needs? world well-known manufacturer Lexmark International printing equipment limited China products and Cheng Deyong, the Marketing Director in an interview with reporters, today's printing needs and new printing technologies for his analysis of the new trend of the development area of office printing. Low-cost, safe, easy to use printer procurement concern with the increase in economic activities, for the purchase of printing equipment demand is rising. When different enterprises in the procurement of printing equipment have different concerns, but overall, the factors that can affect printer purchase low print cost, safety, functionality and ease of use. Small and medium enterprise always attaches great importance to the control of printing costs, however, in recent years companies have increased the focus on printing costs. On the whole, the vast majority of users on the "cost" of cognition, or just stay in the "hardware device" and "the late printing costs" these two areas, while ignoring the whole print device deployment and device management for overall cost impact. For printing of large enterprises such as banks and Government agencies have special requirements for the security, because documents print link there is great risk of leaks. Many organizations use to each involved confidential print alone with one printer to solve security problems, leading to more and more printers in the Office, greatly increases the cost of the use and management of the late, so an urgent need for more effective programme to solve the problem of printing security. In addition, the printing device functionality, ease of use is a concern when purchasing a printer business elements. Printing needs complex solution is a tool in different industries have different printing needs, face printing problems are not the same, which need to print printer according to specific requirements and printing environment specific solutions. For large enterprises, print size, often printing equipment brand is numerous, uneven features, management inconvenience and other issues. For this type of user, the best way is to overall printing services printing services outsourced to professional manufacturers. Lexmark are IDC and Gartner positioned as a leader in the global managed print services, custom professional print solutions for our customers. Lexmark through infrastructure optimization, proactive management, business process optimization and other measures to help users effectively manage printing device and printing jobs. For enterprises that don't want to print outsourcing services, Lexmark can provide professional solutions to help users of the print device in the enterprise LAN status and volume to achieve effective management. Enterprises typically printing equipment housed in the offices of a central repository, and often repeated printing or print files the wrong lead, or even lost, Lexmark print management solutions can solve this kind of problem. Programme includes "print release" and "file count" two major functions. "Print release" based on "cloud" technology, users from computers, mobile phones, after sending a print command on the PAD, from any network print devices in the enterprise cloud adoption card, enter passwords and other ways to achieve a print job. "File counting" functions on a single device, users, departments, very detailed statistics and analyses on the print job, and can be customized by the user to generate administrative reports.
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