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Outline how digital watermarking technology for packaging printing escort

Digital watermark technology in the packaging and printing field plays a great deal of use. Fierce market competition will inevitably lead to the emergence of unfair competition-fake and shoddy products, it directly against the interests of consumers, without security, there is a large extent reduce the emergence of these fake. Now people usually method is to identify the authenticity of currency notes against the light to see if a watermark, no watermark, or counterfeit currency. The watermarks digital watermarking technology is referred to below.
digital watermark technology is will digital, and serial number, and text, and image logo, copyright information embedded to multimedia data in the, through on digital of file detection and analysis to extraction hidden of watermark information, with these watermark information to proved creation who on its works of ownership, and as identification products authenticity and prosecution illegal infringement of recognize according to, digital watermark also on into to protection intellectual property and digital multimedia security of effective means. Like notes check, and certificate, and passport, and invoice, and not dry rubber label printing, important print in the is used watermark technology is because watermark has its unique of nature: first watermark is a almost not see of mark, must placed Yu specific environment Xia to was see, not effect items of using; second watermark of making and copy compared complex, need special of process and material, and print Shang of watermark hard was removed, has long judge print authenticity of a important means is test it whether contains watermark.
digital watermark is information security technology developed in recent years, Shanghai printing house for now there is no complete theory, digital watermarking, including embedding and detection of two major processes. To give an attacker increase the difficulty of removal and destruction of the watermark, now most of the digital watermarking design in embedded testing uses encryption technology when, only the master key can detect and extract the watermark. Digital Watermarking or identification, covert communications, mark implies, electronic authentication and other important applications. Research on digital watermarking techniques related to Informatics, cryptography, mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines of pattern recognition research, making security more covert, hidden information, but also has a symmetry and error correction.
now the arrival of the digital age, multimedia world, digital products affects almost everyone's daily life. How to protect these are closely related to our digital products, such as copyright protection, information security, data authentication and access control, and so on, are increasing attention and becomes an urgent need. Referring to the ordinary meaning of the watermark and function, people use a similar concept of protection, such as digital images, digital multimedia data like music, hence the origin of the "Digital Watermarking" concept. The so-called "digital watermarks" is to add some digital information in multimedia data, such as adding information on filming in the digital photo, add advertising information in the DVD, and so on. Similar with those of ordinary watermark, watermarking in multimedia data (such as a digital photo) is almost invisible, it is difficult to be destroyed. Digital Watermarking in today's age of computers and the Internet is promising.
digital watermarking to address "copyright issues" an effective means. Digital Watermarking can be used to provide information about digital product data is copied to control or limit the number of copies of the data is copied, in order to achieve protection. Digital Watermarking information such as secret CD data disc can have conditions of control of who has access to the contents of the CD tray. By tracking the digital watermark information in multimedia data to the copyright protection of multimedia data, which cannot be achieved by many years ago.
false certification of digital watermarking technology in packaging printing also has a lot of uses, for example, issued by the Government red tape, the traditional method of authentication is to identify files paper, seal or stamp of compliance with norms and standards, the disadvantage is that regardless of the paper, seal or stamp is susceptible to forgery. Especially seals, although the Government has strict rules on seal management and production, but there is also a so-called "carved a radish a chapter," said. This traditional method is far from perfect. Use digital watermarking is an effective solution to this problem.
digital watermarking as an information carrier, adds some information to red tape, making file not only a seal or stamp, and imperceptible digital watermarks, which greatly increases the difficulty of documents was forged.
we can see the watermark has opened up a new way of information security, confidentiality and the ability to resist a variety of attacks that cannot be perceived, integrity protection and tamper with identification of digital products can be realized, can also be used for digital security. Digital Watermarking will become digital copyright protection and authenticity certification one of the core technology and played an irreplaceable role in e-commerce transactions, this also heralds the digital watermark is large and broad market prospects.
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