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Analysis of traditional businesses into four elements of network printing

As a new network printing printing solutions, not only in the production process by reducing the costs and cumbersome links to corporate profits, it will save you time, increase efficiency, to meet customer demand for convenience, the network printing seems to have come of age. However, to be involved in network printing in the printing business, exactly what to do to prepare for comprehensive supporting facilities?
in addition, due to network printing according to customer requirements are not limited print quantities, is very flexible, printing enterprises need not only apply to printing a large quantity of traditional printed methods also apply to digital printing printing less. Only two types of hardware are available in enterprise, provided through customer orders set to choose more cost-effective ways to reduce the operating costs of printing, get more profits.
a reasonable profit pattern of a clear target market, clear revenue model is key. At present most of the printing plant on their own position is still processing enterprises, at the back end of the industrial chain of traditional mode, business type is single, confined to the receipt, processing and completion of reciprocating cycles. "Find a reasonable business model, changes to existing traditional patterns. "Largest Web design print platform-changed net head Chen Tao said, only high positioning itself in the entire industrial chain, from creative design, to finalize, to print anything, to add more profit.
concept, Director of the China Research Institute of printing science and technology said Chen yan, digital printing is not just limited to devices of the future competition, but the entire system of competition: market development, databases, digital workflow, to copy the standard ... ... Printing chain operator in the digital age from "printing" into "modern services". As manufacturing print, many printing problems. Printing over the network platform, must not only do the printing business, bring more benefits and value for the customer and should change their concepts, direction efforts to provide more value-added services to customers.
introducing IT talent at last, can not be ignored, is the talent preparation. Introduction of outstanding IT personnel and other departments in the strategic, digital network, put in the development of new service models, standardized print products, and build management, is a prerequisite for printing enterprise's core values of sustainable development.
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