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Analysis of printing enterprises in the future: technology is the key

The Fed launched a new round of quantitative easing program, which markets expect QE3. The Fed will buy $ 40 billion a month construction mortgage-backed bonds, and decide as appropriate additional purchase limits. In addition, the Fed maintained 0%-0.25% benchmark interest rate levels, and pledged to maintain the ultra low interest rates until at least the middle of 2015. Several experts said that QE3 already expected in the market, this easing of the launch would aggravate the rise in commodity prices, the dollar will fall further, appreciation of the Renminbi, inflationary pressures in the world, facing new challenges for China's exports, while China's printing industry or the emergence of new opportunities as a result.
new opportunity at present, China's printing industry is facing a dilemma, printing companies are facing challenges. Data show that in 2011, total printing more than more than 100,000 enterprises in China, compared with the previous year 1930, reduces 1.8%; employing more than 3.56 million people, compared to the previous years loss of 97,000, reduces 2.7%; print output at 867.7 billion yuan, an increase of 12.59%. They disappeared in the printing business or a restructuring or reorganization, or bankruptcy. In my opinion, this evidence, China's printing industry is facing serious challenges, and this launch QE3, from import, for printing enterprises in China is beneficial. Dollar and the Renminbi. We imported materials, printing machinery, to some extent, a lot cheaper. Not for printing enterprises in China have brought a small profit. In my opinion, China printing enterprises should seize the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity, out of print, "dilemma", especially small and medium sized printing company. For printing of export-oriented enterprises, however, could be "worse." Printing industry
it is well known that China is printed country. However, printing companies, small and medium accounting for the vast majority, and the uneven quality of the industry as a whole, from the most modern businesses to the most backward small enterprises can be found everywhere. The cottage itself less competitive in order to survive and winning orders at below cost price, thus making into a vicious cycle of price competition in the industry and these companies are unlikely to invest more capital for technology and equipment upgrading, so that overall competitiveness of China's printing industry is weakened. The most important thing is, printing industry in China was growing too fast, so-called because there must be fruit, which also contributed to the present situation of China printing industry one of the main reasons. Here, the author of a examples of disadvantages of the printing industry was growing too fast. Building a House, we all know building a House from foundations to begin, and then each of these steps is playing steady if the Middle vulnerability, is likely to give this House the "lifetime" of threat, such as the foundations were not, Jerry. In the printing industry, we should also "build a house" in the process of playing conservative, but as the technology was less advanced, so the last resort "with" external forces to develop the domestic printing industry. Because of this, only printing power in China, rather than printing powerhouse, reasons for not only the core technology and the main spindle, if printing problems abroad, the printing industry in China will surely be involved.
printing enterprises in the future: technology is the key technology is the benchmarking of enterprise, in particular for the printing industry, even more so. Now, printing companies is no longer needed "number of enterprises", the road is no longer China's printing industry is "printing power". Print status of printing industry in China, the number or the printing industry "lost" one of the reasons. China has a cure called: "not by number is fine! "A martial arts assassin and can deal with dozens of people mobbing, if we are in the printing industry, to focus on technology development, then I think, out of print" plight "will not be far from the truth.
"printing power" to "printing power" across, in which technology was a "divide", only we have to fill this gap, or put up a solid "bridge", we can cross the divide, arrived at the "printing power."
of course, global inflation will have a certain impact on China's printing industry, but in my opinion, it would be China's printing industry into "printing power" best bridge "cornerstone".
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