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Printing situation for a number of print this year unexpected opportunities, also bring some of the operational difficulties of the printer and thinking. Books, periodicals, newspapers, advertising, commercial printing and other printing this trade-off reflects subtle changes in social segments. Then, print where innovation?
this year July, statistics released new amendment of culture and the related industry classification, and printing Enterprise close associated of industry chain link, as "mechanism and the cardboard manufacturing", and "ink and the similar products manufacturing", and "printing dedicated equipment manufacturing", was into "culture related products of production", are belongs to added of industry, "packaging decoration and the other printing" also cover to all business. New orientation of national cultural industries, including printing offers new opportunities for the development of related industries in the Mainland, has opened up a new space. Just as the managing editor of print magazine, editor in Chief of the printing Manager Wang Lijie said: "not a disruptive innovation is innovation, innovation comes in many ways. "In 2012 the national printing managers annual conference organized by the" Heidelberg forum for East Lake ", the innovation of innovative enterprises and share their experiences.
to survival have innovative ideas representative: Yao Song (top Genesis investment, General Manager of Beijing) Beijing Ding Jia advertising origins Genesis investment limited, its business philosophy with traditional print business philosophy "doesn't match". Traditional printing companies only concerned with their own products, while Beijing's top concern is a platform-relies on its printed the city, brings together more on printing companies and enterprises, to jointly perfect the whole industrial chain. Yao Song told reporters the China press and publishing journal, in order to survive, innovation, transformation and upgrading of printing enterprise must have awareness. 2002
Yao Song get into print, the company that owns advertising agencies, printing companies, media companies, real estate development company. In his view, the last printing enterprises with a known solution to a known problem, often relying solely on increasing the number of factors of production, expansion of production scale, buy more equipment, hire more staff, produce more products and obtain more wealth. But now the situation is not the pattern, this extensive growth will come to an end.
"innovation is not so unpredictable. "Yao Song said, innovation is not the patent, not expensive, they are not rules, involved in management, technology, culture and other aspects of innovation, so companies need to be combination of strategy and tactical innovations, then bend over.
by creative design drive industry development views representative people: Zhang Jiuzhi (Shanghai gold meeting pass creative design development corporation General Manager) products concentrated in tea, and baking, big food packaging field of Shanghai gold meeting pass, has more than 100 more people of innovation design team, huge of products design personnel to enterprise created has expensive of sales income, from 2007 of more than 30 million Yuan soared to 2011 of 260 million Yuan. In the hundreds of millions of Yuan of revenue distribution, the 80% share from the creative and associated services, and pure printing process accounted for the remaining 20%, truly creative design-driven industries.
"we are printing people? "" Print the directions in which the development of the industry? "We should not do printer. "The struggle was always plagued by the problem in the printing of one's heart. In the traditional concept, traditional printed backward, to move from passive processing enterprises shift to a service-oriented enterprise?
Zhang Jiuzhi after many years of exploration, the final choice will be the creative design, processing, service, three-in-one, printing and packaging industry extends to the ends of the creative design and marketing services, cross-border synergy creative integration service providers, to provide customers with value chain through the entire process required a variety of innovative value-added services, will it be possible to get out of trouble.
"we cannot to do printing printing, but should be based on the market, see what our customers need and must be from the package design, development, fitting into this thought, to maximize the value of customer experience. "This is Zhang Jiuzhi business philosophy.
is a continuation of this leading wood view representative: Cheng Luqing (four culture media Corporation, Shanghai) also create a platform, the same sense of transformation and upgrading, four culture media Corporation, Shanghai is taking a different route.
the traditional printing companies don't want to do that kind of passive processing business, upgrade to do it--in modern service industry. So it does not limit yourself to the traditional printing industry within the scope of, but positioned in the provision of cross-border services to build an integrated platform.
the company since 2008, independent research and development service system for digital publishing technology, a digital publishing technology Cloud Computing Center, to replace the traditional mode of operation, resulting in improved productivity, lower operational costs, and increase business agility. Meanwhile, cooperation with leading software companies in the world, with market demand as the goal, individual software as a service model, developed to meet the market demand of the personalization system.
on the premise of both hardware and software, the company has gradually improved the transition to digital distribution, realized the transition from traditional to digital upgrades. And this is in line with the business philosophy of the company-a leading is a continuation of this wood.
Cheng Luqing history look back on these years of digital innovation, the deepest he has 4 points: must hold the core technologies, industry, academia, research, interaction, establish professional technical team, fighting for the Government sector policy support.
said: "the only innovation is the eternal core competitiveness of the enterprise and drive. Enterprises must master core technologies, the company starts from the introduction of advanced technology, imitation learning, transition to independent research and development, and finally developed applies to the development of new service platform. But also need to bear in mind: innovation must be adapted to local conditions. "
to product-oriented innovation of business structure view representative: Xu Weijian (Zhejiang, Chairman of Chinese digital printing) most of the customer service is an internationally renowned IT companies, many such customers old and new printing business would envy. But from the entry "seniority" to count, Zhejiang Chinese digital printing is printing a "newbie", 2007 began in the printing industry, so it's erratic play in the printing of "living" was found on a suitable for innovative way in which they live. "We are a product-oriented to construct business structure. "Xu Weijian told reporters the China press and publishing journal.
traditional printing enterprise is processing, Zhejiang Chinese digital also to customer do products, but in products design Shang, as service outsourcing of hosted who, they will design introduced to processing trade service of category, in customer new products try do early, they on participation in, put Shang downstream enterprise of related information integrated up, using to printing packaging forming production in the, to guarantee products of high quality quality, won has customer of good reputation.
Xu Weijian said modestly: "our customers are international experts in the resource industry, their eternal theme is innovation. Benefit from their innovation circle ' external leg, we strive to meet their production needs, and this force into force, so as to keep the Enterprise Innovation ability. "Learning and integration of methods, active and passive use of the various resources of printing enterprises, eventually made the development and growth of the business.
as enterprise customers are of the IT industry, therefore also used in the management customers familiar with the refinement of IT enterprise management model and characteristics of the product, digital management system used in the printing process, worked out a set of suitable flow control method for enterprise printing products, was awarded the 2011 torch project of Ministry of science and technology on the outsourcing process control.
Xu Weijian believes that innovation must keep up with customer demand, touching the pulse of the market demand, innovation should be all around reap greater economic benefits, there was no market, even if no matter how good, are not easily invest. Corporate new business development, to do their best at the business, do not blindly for new business and away from the printing business.
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