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Some people say: "the art of taxation like in goose feathers, on the one hand to be able to pull up but can't make it feel too much pain." Government has must of organization schema, employed a big group official, and corporate and labor personnel, in education, and defense, and diplomatic, and production, and construction, and disaster, and relief and social well-being of implementation, plus traffic, and livelihood and so on number not clear of based construction are need people and money, or on cannot promoted, so over to each a a Government are put tax, and tax as very important of governance backing, Pacific times even so, in has war famine of era more to caution for should. In the Netherlands Amsterdam, home portal has been implemented by the size of the tax, so policies, there are countermeasures, they only set the door on the first floor, and opened a window on the second floor, the use of pulleys all heavy or large furniture into the room on the second floor. Ancient tax land tax, housing respectively, head tax, more rice, salt and so on, when tax revenues are not enough and will add new items to other taxes, protesting harsh rejection at all times and not just taxes incurred by civil commotion, riots, even events to numerous to overthrow the Government.
the years Taiwan has donated to extend nine-year education and additional education, this donation is more than profits for the printing industry for education donated part of the hardware, software, and education building, from a collection of textbooks, teaching aids, books and so on, is can increase the overall printing business. Legislators found that the Constitution stipulates a year 15% the internal revenue service must be used for education, National University of cultural and educational institutions, an influx of San、sibei annual budget, so every school can cover up like bamboo shoots after school. And to financing ten construction funds, will in business trading Shang implemented 5% of added value type business tax, in implementation zhiqian has many printing who worried market will depression, but implementation Hou situation is OK, for purchase and labor, 5% of added value tax invoice, business units still can vouchers, so more out of only himself of labor, and added value and profit part of 5% tax items. Over time such as restaurants, nine-seater vehicle arrived in value added tax and other expenses not reported, but still worth the purchase when tax expenditures, so the value added sales tax went into effect, imposition of stamp duty for many years and some local taxes are reduced. Hear Japan friend says: "they can't use their value added tax in retail price plus, originally set a 3% tax, the results change people have to prepare a lot of 1st round of small coins, replaced 5% with even-and 10-digit commodity well." In Taiwan are all priced contains 5% tax than Japan was much better, the value added tax on the tax simplification is a clear improvement.
how many years to tax of repeatedly has many points collection, in 30 years Qian printing or other business industry are rarely, tax is limited, so Government of tax inspection, and audit action very strictly, even can Street stopped car validation invoice, this behavior very nuisance, because General of commercial activities often is with "months checkout" way, a large number of goods usually will in all delivery Hou only once open State, and not each sent a train on open a Zhang invoice. Sometimes the Government tax inspection officers laid an ambush in a some trading Enterprise Portal, check out like a thief without invoice, to heavy taxes on computer now check out, we all want to be so tired to tax evasion and tax system in towards the broadening of the tax base and lower tax rates. Compared not fair of is servicemen salary duty-free, is for yiqian they of income low so without tax, now servicemen are than private enterprise income high also without tax, addition also has huge of stock trading tax, and camp tax, often also will in stock weak Shi undo,, stock rose earned foot has also not recovery tax, this on not play stock of people seems to not fair, because has proceeds on should tax, but mechanism Shang and cannot convincing, because some people will found tariff of gap drill, not was check to handles of called "section tax" and not called evasion.
and printing wing dry about of is paper imports tax problem, many people will think since 1960 generation zhihou, Taiwan paper will to domestic non-coated cloth paper and coated cloth paper for important supply source, to 1990 generation medium-term, imports paper is compared obviously of growth phenomenon, why will involved tariff problem does? this to talked about paper and printing in scale Shang both has completely not phase symmetric of status, as long as SI、wujia most large made paper, on accounted for all paper production 70%, left two, and 300 small on paper, and print from the first count to 100th place, total amount of production accounts for less than 60%, and they often are the paper industry given preferential treatment and conquer! would not object. Dang 1950 era late to 1960 generation early, yongfeng more than paper development of coated cloth paper is has must level but not is too success, on built please Government will paper import duties improve to 30% around, to protection domestic paper industry, so Japan coated cloth paper on from full occupies market back to only accounted for very minority, later using Congress, and financial power makes Government amendment paper imports ban, from Taiwan paper than international your 50% around. Later ban canceled, instead of is coated cloth paper 45%, and non-coated cloth paper 40% of high tariff obstacles, if to actual calculation tariff to multiplied by 1.2 of disembarkation base (balance domestic market and imports price poor), is paper tariff respectively increased for coated cloth paper 54% and the non-coated cloth paper 48%, plus 3% Hong Kong workers donated (yiqian not joined WTO imports pumping Hong Kong workers donated, and export goods not attached donated. Now with a low percentage of imports and exports equal extraction), coated paper to class 57% of tax 51% tax, non-coated paper. Percentage of Government tariffs on paper hanging in the air and forming a name without tax revenue in real terms. Instead at Taiwan of coated cloth paper each pounds (0.4536 kg) price NT 22~24 Yuan, international highest grade is so high, and Taiwan coated cloth paper export Shi, international with grade B+ to A-coated cloth paper, is only 14~15 yuan of spectrum, this drop just is reaction out 57% tariff obstacles of tax, description white is is Government let Taiwan of publishing, and printing industry, and packaging industry to General livelihood consumption, years more burden 57% of tariff obstacles tariff, Let all the interests of all into pulp and paper Tycoon's purse, and if not, in the 1980, Taiwan's largest paper company, its production values ranked 18th nationwide, and among the top ten taxpayers, accounted for three important members of the company, visible profits high is self-evident. To today Taiwan coated cloth paper price on like 25 years Qian, and 30 years of export price, each pounds not to 14 Yuan, to today pulp, and energy, and human, and ingredients, and land, and transport, are high of situation Xia, more can proved former paper profiteering, makes at Taiwan printing lost export market established opportunities, joint publishing and paper products export operating also hard out good results, and no large printing enterprise appeared.
why 30 or 40 years to, Taiwan paper price will not rose anti-drop does? main is for imports tariff gradually by 45% down to 28%, and 14%, and 8% around, in this six or seven years Zhijian tariff declined, many senior coated cloth paper as A+, and A1 of are gradually large imports, Government of low paper tariff instead is really of has tax, and not hanging in scare resistance abroad products imports. Dang 1990 generation late, Taiwan in negotiations joined WTO organization Shi, paper territories also forced to operation, hope to 5% tariff for bottom line, and extended reduced purposes year, do for Shang table negotiations of chips, but only a Shang table, beauty party representative on to paper tariff global are is 0 on 0 based, no what can on, so 2001 joined WTO to 2004 Taiwan paper tariff in WTO schema Xia, all to 0 on 0 no tariff imports, and export. But paper territories for cost high, and production no investment improved Xia, operating is hard, on hope through imports paper in native country price high, and export deliberately down price, hope Government in public hearing zhixia, offering out anti-dumping tax, on some specific is not they by control of imports paper factory, class levy high anti-dumping tax, used to containment imports, pulled lift domestic paper price strategy, but imports paper has formed quite more Yuan supply source and the city accounted for rate, so this items strategy fear fall into out of border.
1980 generation up Taiwan Semiconductor hi-tech industry bud, next more than 10 years communications, and photoelectric, and computer, industry also gradually rise, Government for advocates hi-tech industry, proposed tax, and land rent relief of many measures, but so-called "hi-tech" of meaning culvert is relative of, and floating of, so-called hi-tech is to others do not to, and and has is good of market industry, but semiconductor of line wide way from 0.28 Micron down diligence, Crystal round size by 6 inches, and 8 inches to 12 inches, Today only manufacturing 0.065 micron (65 nano) of 12 inches Crystal round semiconductor factory only is hi-tech industry, if you still stay in 0.18 micron, and 6 inches Crystal round semiconductor production, only is low technology industry, unless you has special skill do specific Crystal, as simulation type Crystal round to has market, so Government cannot to industry don't to points technology level of "level", should see dynamic of status respectively whether for hi-tech, Taiwan Crystal round double male two manufacturers, was is a is near more than 10 years to, tax reduction off rebate and the award gold, They tax is negative of, not they not tax, but Government Act policy caused they employees, and shareholders can popular drink spicy of, and traditional industry including published, and printing, and paper and so on industry, by Shang of tax a hair also cannot less, is no any relief and award mostly, situation as a home has grow of children became pillars of material, old father to supports crutches to is far of road only see have see, and daily for parents care both inside and outside in side of not timber children, on like is no complained of traditional industry, Keeping homes in patrimony pastoral farming to feed the family. World also no completely is on wrong, but Taiwan many so-called hi-tech industry, they a see here not money, and difficult money, on have to overseas wage low, and tax and award conditions good of national to, stay they into has climate zhihou, head also not back also didn't want to Dang this national of members, so Government of better tax award strategy, on became Group height speculation who of free lunch, and has eat full drink foot on leave of phenomenon.
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